Monday, 1 October 2012

Let's start with a party.

Being 20 is like being in limbo. You're not a teenager anymore, and so can't use it as an excuse for anything and everything. But you also haven't quite reached the ripe old age of 21, when you can have one last massive party before becoming a proper adult and being unexcited by birthday's.

I turned 20 on Friday, and was spoilt rotten by my lovely friends and family. I even showed my new maturity by staying up until midnight to open my first present (a cute cushion to decorate my new uni room with, as well as a totally appropriate card courtesy of my housemate, Laura).

On Friday night, I went for a nice meal at Pizza Express with my close friends. The Pizza Express in Canterbury is right next to the river and is so cute! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who gets the chance! We all devoured a delicious meal (and a lot of wine!) that night and had a great time!

Meal at Pizza Express.
Saturday night was the real party, involving copious amounts of alcohol and a pinata! Yes, you read housemate got a surprise party pinata, which was very amusing when drunk! (I'm pretty sure we still have sweets and chocolate scattered around our garden). We all had a great night but suffered for it the next day!

So now the celebrations have ended and it is another 362 days until the big 21 (how exciting!). I was spoilt rotten for my birthday and massively appreciate all my cards, presents and birthday wishes from friends and family! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

And now I need to sleep for a week.

Kirsty xxxx

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