Sunday, 30 September 2012

A bit about me

So for my first blog post, it seems only right that I confess a little bit about myself...

  • I live in Cornwall but study at the University of Kent in Canterbury. I love being at uni but sometimes find myself missing home comforts like Jess the cat, spending time with family and friends and a Sunday roast!
  • I am part of the university's netball club. Joining UKC Netball was definitely one of my better ideas, as without it I wouldn't have the amazing group of friends I do now! Also, UKC Netball have more social's than we do matches...
  • Being a typical student, I like to whinge. About anything. And everything.
  • I love going on adventures and getting out of my normal work/study routine. These normally include girly holiday's, night's out in exciting city's and discovering new places.
  • I secretly love cheesy music...

  • I can easily waste hours of my day Facebook stalking, browsing Twitter and online shopping. (Especially when assignments are due in!)
  • I work for the Student Union in a small cafe.
  • I love baking and cooking, but am normally too lazy to do either and so live off ready meals and unhealthy snacks at uni.
  • I HATE being bored.
  • Fancy dress is more fun than it should be at my age.
  • I'm addicted to taking photo's on night's out, even if only to have a laugh when looking through them the next morning...
Cave girl netball social
Netball social
Night out in Truro

Family meal in Padstow
With my sister, Sara, on my 18th.

OAP netball social.
Fancy meal out in Turkey.
OAP netball social.


So there's a bit about me! I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I'll try and remember to post as often as just gives me an excuse to do fun and interesting things!

Kirsty xxxx